Matthew Vincent is an experienced construction management firm dedicated to creating authentic and sustainable custom homes and improvements for clients.


Initial Consult

MVBG creates spaces that honor each client's lifestyle and vision.  

From function and flow to facade and finishes, we collaborate with our clients in an initial consult to establish the necessities and the nuances of your dream home.

Preliminary Budget & Design

Discuss budgets and define fixed and variable costs.

MVBG works closely with partner architects and designers to bring you vision to light.

Plan your project on our intuitive software and mobile app


A well conceived pre-construction plan is instrumental as it lays the foundation for a successful and efficient project.

We value our clients and are committed to working with them to thinking deeply and expansively, both inside and outside the box, to gain true insight into the challenges and opportunities in your project. 


Our construction process is completely streamlined; from foundation to finish selections, our scheduling techniques keep construction on-time and established trade relationships keep craftsmanship at its highest standards.

Our in-house project management team and site supervision staff work diligently to work together and use intuitive software to stay connected and up-to date on project status.  

As a result, keeping you informed with the most up to date information.

Job Site Conduct

MVBG maintains strictly organized and clean job sites.

The circulation of trades, deliveries, and day-to-day operations to and from the job site requires orderly and systematic site management.

To optimize trade productivity and keep your site neighborhood-friendly, our construction managers and site supervisors develop systematic plans for commissioned sub-contractors that enhance their on-site work and honor our property preservation procedures.

Post-Construction Support

MVBG is committed to building strong, long-lasting partnerships with each of our clients.

We understand that moving into your new home marks a new phase of this relationship.

As members of BILD* and Tarion* we are held at the highest standards and maintain communication to ensure we are accountable for our post-construction commitments.

Craft .

Beautiful Staircase Custom Built Edmond Home


Premium Custom Built Kitchen

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Premium Custom Built Kitchen



"Matthew Vincent did an excellent job from the conceptual stage through the finished construction of our new home. We are extremely pleased with their experience and will definitely come to MVBG for future construction projects."

We've worked on some wonderful projects!